Top 5 Bixby Remapper Apps for Android

It is tough to tell whether the Bixby button is great or not because some people like it and some don’t. However, there are still plenty of remapper apps available on the Google Play Store and other platforms that can be used on your Samsung smartphones. If you are not a fan of Bixby, check all the five apps out listed below.

Bixbi Button Remapper

Bixbi Button Remapper is a very popular Bixby remapper app that lets you remap the Bixby button so that you can perform various tasks with that button. The app can help you open Google Assistant, toggle the flashlight, and open various other apps. It works very decently and is available for free to try. The premium version of Bixbi Button Remapper will cost you up to $2.99.

Button Mapper

Button Mapper is not entirely a dedicated Bixby remapper app, but it does have support for the Bixby button along with all other buttons on your Samsung device. The app allows you to remap any of the buttons of a Samsung smartphone so that you can do basically whatever you want. You can turn your volume keys into the media playback controls if you want. It also lets you turn the Bixby button into a Google Assistant shortcut. Most times, the app works perfectly, and you won’t have any problem while using it. However, the app’s premium version is available for $19.99, but you can use its free version as well if you want.

Buttons Remapper

Buttons Remapper can easily remap any button of your device. It works fantastically and is capable enough to do a bunch of extra stuff as well. It lets you map the Bixby button for various actions, including long-press swap buttons, map the key to a mobile game, and enable a variety of commands like flashlight or more. It also includes the emulate touch function that you can use to map a tap to anywhere on your device’s screen to make an action. The app is unique and works flawlessly. You can use its free version, or if you want, the Buttons Remapper’s premium version is available for $1.99.

Remap Buttons and Gestures

Remap Buttons and Gestures is a robust hardware remap app that works for the Bixby button as well. The app lets you change the Bixby button to basically whatever you want. You can turn the Bixby button into a buck button, a home button, recent apps button, a media playback button, or whatever you want. The app works nicely and can be used on non-rooted devices as well. It offers you a free and premium version, the premium version of Remap Buttons and Gestures is available for $2.99.

Bixby Button Assistant Remapper

Bixby Button Assistant Remapper is quite a unique Bixby remapper app that lets you turn the Bixby button into a Google Assistant shortcut. You just need to download and install this app on your Samsung smartphone. Once you are done with the installation process, use the stick Bixby remap feature on the app to set it as your single press action. That’s all. You are all set to go now. Well, the app is entirely available for free to use, but you will have to find this app outside of the Google Play Store as it’s not available on the platform.

That’s all for this article. You can try any of the above-mentioned Bixby remapper apps. They all should work perfectly on Samsung smartphones. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!

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