Top 5 Smartphone Gimbals You Can Get Now

Smartphones nowadays have become so advanced and you can use them to do a variety of things, including photography and videography. Most Smartphones nowadays offer you HD+ or 4K high-resolution cameras that are more than enough to shoot videos or click photos. Smartphones are even good at video stabilization but they are not up to the mark, they still need a bit of improvement specifically in the stabilization section. However, we have plenty of smartphone gimbals in the market that can help you get the most out of your phone’s camera. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top 5 smartphone gimbals you can get now. Let’s take a look.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 offers you almost everything you need. This gimbal is very compatible and lighter, even though it is capable enough to handle heavier phones. It features a magnetic mounting system that helps you mount your smartphone with it magnetically. The magnetic mounting feature makes this gimbal quite faster and comfortable, so your phone will be ready for shooting stable videos in no time with DJI’s Osmo Mobile 4. It’s available for $149.

Zhiyun Smooth Q2

Zhiyun Smooth Q2 is an excellent smartphone gimbal that comes with a great aluminum build, 3-axis stabilization, a long 17 hours of battery life, a bunch of shooting modes, and a lightweight body. It overall works nicely and is a great buy. You should consider it buying.

Zhiyun Smooth XS

Zhiyun Smooth XS is a very affordable smartphone gimbal that comes with 2-axis stabilization instead of 3-axis stabilization, so you have to compromise here. Besides that, this gimbal offers you well build quality and is double to a selfie stick. You can access the app and control many things on the gimbal, including gesture, object/face tracking, as well as shooting modes. It works decently and is a great pick if you were looking for a budget-friendly option.

HohemIsteady Mobile Plus

The HohemIsteady Mobile Plus gimbal comes with 12 hours of battery life, 3-axis stabilization, multiple shooting modes, and even weighs only around 200g. It even has a sport mode that Hohem recently upgraded, which means you will get comparatively improved performance with this mode. Additionally, the shooting modes you get on this gimbal are slow-motion, timelapse styles, and beauty retouching. Well, these are not so advanced features, but for beginners, they are quite useful. The gimbal works very decently and is available at an affordable price.

Moza Mini-S

Moza Mini-S is another excellent smartphone gimbal that is even more affordable but gives you a lot of fantastic features. The gimbal offers you manual controls, a unique slanted design, 3-axis stabilization, and a 5-hour of battery life. The design of this gimbal quite unique and it folds very tightly. It features multiple shooting modes, including portrait mode, timelapse, hyper-lapse, vertigo, slow-motion, and more.

So these are all our picks for the best 5 smartphone gimbals that you can consider buying. I hope you liked the article. Thank you for reading it. Have a great day!

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