Types of Canon Printer Errors And How To Troubleshoot Them

Types of Canon Printer Errors And How To Troubleshoot Them

Nobody likes errors, and if the error is coming from a printer, things get frustrating as we don’t know what “error 1682” means, or nor do we have enough time to search for each error and troubleshoot it. This is a compiled list of Canon printer users’ most common errors and what each error means. In the article, we’ll be listing down the top 8 Canon printer errors and how to troubleshoot them yourself. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the topic. Shall we?


The error E13/E16 is the most common error faced by Canon printers all the time. In a nutshell, error E13/E16 simply means your printer is running out of ink, or there is not enough ink in the cartridges. To solve this issue, replace old ink cartridges with new ones.


The U162/U163 is again an error caused by a lack of printer ink. However, this time, the problem lies within the cartridge. To troubleshoot this issue, hold/press the Cancel/Stop button and release it after 10-15 seconds. If the method doesn’t solve the problem, you need to replace old ink cartridges with new ones.


The E5/E05 is the hardware error, and it is more common than you think. In Canon printers, if the printhead is incorrectly installed or broken, you’ll get this error. Luckily, fixing this issue is super simple. Open your printer cover and check the printhead. If your printhead has broken, contact Canon and replace it with a new one.


Error E7/E07 is the most frustrating error, as it doesn’t explain what exactly is causing the error. E7/E07 is a simple error, and it can be fixed in minutes. First, the error means that you have installed the cartridges incorrectly. To fix this issue, remove & reinstall your cartridges, followed by restarting your printer.


A broken printhead causes the error B200. In some cases, the error B200 occurs from a broken part from inside the printer. While fixing a printer part is not everyone’s cup of tea, you can check the printhead to see if it’s broken or not. If you cannot decide what’s broken, contact Canon customer care service and ask them to inspect your printer.


Error 5011 is the most common type of error you can face while using a Canon printer. This error occurs due to jammed papers between the fuser rollers, printhead, or any other trays of your Canon printer. If there is no paper inside the rollers, you can check other areas for any stuffed paper inside the printer. If you are not sure how to properly troubleshoot this error, contact Canon technical support team at 1860 180 3366.


Most Canon printers come with padded protection of foam and packaging material that protects them from crashes, scratches, and bumps. It is possible that you have not removed packing material from the printer, and it is causing the printer to show the 5100/5200/5400/5700/6000 errors. To solve this issue, remove all packing material and pieces of tape from the printer.


This error occurs when your cartridges do not match your printer model. Check if you are using the right cartridges for the type printer model. Remove & reinstall the cartridges into the cartridge holder and restart your printer. Also, check if you have removed all the packaging and tapes.

These are the most basic kinds of errors you can face while using a Canon printer. However, these errors are not limited to only Canon, every printer you see on the market has some errors, and most of them are fixable at home. In case you are getting a different error or no error at all, You can reset your printer to make it work again. To properly reset your Canon printer, follow the steps given below.

  • Power on your printer.
  • Press & hold the stop/reset button .
  • Press and hold the color copying button simultaneously.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and release the color copy button followed by the reset button.
  • Now, the printer will reboot.
  • After booting up, check if the printer is indicating – “the device needs to be calibrated.”
  • Finally, click on OK and complete the reset procedure.
  • If the problem persists after resetting, contact Canon’s technical support team on 1860 180 3366.

Final thoughts

Printers are complex machines, and almost all kinds of printers face some mechanical or software issues from time to time. Luckily, these eight printer errors can be fixed without calling in for a technician.

Usually, most errors can be fixed if you keep your printer’s firmware up to date and regularly clean it. Additionally, you can contact Canon’s technical support team to further discuss your printer queries with them.

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