Ezra Miller Will Be Seen as the “Trashcan Man” in the On-Screen Adaptation of “The Stand”

The actor, known for his portrayal of Flash in the 2017 flick “Justice League,” will be seen as the “Trashcan Man” in the CBS All Access on-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “The Stand.”

According to a new report, Josh Boone has helmed the series for CBS All Access, the script of which is based on a 1978 novel “The Stand” penned by Stephen King. The series has already been made, and it will arrive on the platform on December the 17th, 2020, with fresh episodes arriving every week. According to the knowledge in the public domain, the series is a limited series consisting of 9 episodes.

The report which suggested that Ezra Miller has played the role of the “Trashcan Man” has come from Entertainment Weekly. Before Entertainment Weekly’s revelation, it was unclear who will play the famous Stephen King character.

The images showing the Justice League actor in the character of the Trashcan Man have already been revealed on the Internet, and you can check it for yourself. Head over to the Entertainment Weekly website to find the two images of Miller, which have come from the sets of “The Stand.”

The Trashcan Man is the prime antagonist of the book “The Stand.” The character was brilliantly penned down by the great author, and in case you haven’t heard about him, he was a pyromaniac. Ezra Miller has talked about the character in one of his recent interviews and has said that the character was just a misunderstood and broken man.

The prime antagonist of the book “The Stand” was previously portrayed by Matt Frewer in the Mick Garris’ miniseries, which had come out in 1994. You would know if you have read the book that Trashcan Man isn’t the character’s real name. It was a pseudonym adopted by a fictional man named Donald Elbert.

One of the reasons you should watch the series even if you have read the book is that the author has written a completely different ending for the series.

The series will visually depict a world destroyed by a plague and embroiled in an eternal struggle between light and darkness. The book showed a character named Mother Abagail (a 108-year-old woman) who stood tall against the adversities and took the help of a few survivors to save the planet from getting perished.

Abagail’s nemesis is a man that has unfathomable powers and a bewitching smile, Randall Flagg, also called the Dark Man.

The series will feature a group of talented artists that includes Alexander Skarsgard who will be seen as The Dark Man, Whoopi Goldberg (Mother Abagail), Jovan Adepo, Owen Teague, Greg Kinnear, Brad William Henke, Nat Wolff, Daniel Sunjata, Aquaman actress Amber Heard, James Marsden, Odessa Young, Eion Bailey, Katherine McNamara, Marilyn Manson, Heather Graham, Henry Zaga, and Hamish Linklater.

Benjamin Cavell and Taylor Elmore (also known for “Justified”) have overseen the development of the project.

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